About the trust

Alongside innovation in learning and thinking differently, Cookie Time Charitable Trust supports initiatives that help New Zealand children discover their gifts through physical pursuits. Physical pursuits encompass sports, arts and culture and provide the ‘doing’ thread to complement the ‘thinking’ focus of innovation in learning and thinking differently. In this way, the Trust’s portfolio supports both physical and mentor endeavours.


One initiative that brings a physical focus to helping kids succeed is the NaeNae Boxing Academy, brainchild of acclaimed motivational speaker Billy Graham. Billy, a dyslexic who left school at 14, had a troubled childhood but turned his life around with the help of boxing trainer. He went on to become a New Zealand and Australasian light welterweight champion. Billy says many of the young people that train with him have also struggled at school through ‘thinking differently’. The academy aims to turn young boys into young men through working on their attitude, motivation, respect, fitness and boxing skills.


Cookie Time Charitable Trust’s support for NaeNae Boxing Academy also includes provision of One Square Meal bars for the boys after training. A complete meal in a tasty, convenient food bar, One Square Meal delivers the optimum balance of nutrients to support the body's repair, growth and maintenance.


Cookie Time Charitable Trust has made numerous grants in the field of physical pursuits, from music and dance to ice skating, karate and motocross. You can read more about these and other grants under the OSM YOUNG TALENT Grants menu tab.