About the trust

Cookie Time Charitable Trust supports many initiatives across three target areas: innovation in learning, thinking differently and physical pursuits. The early seeds for innovation in learning were sown with a student driven technology workshop, ‘Kids Congress’, and a ‘Cool to be Kind’ roadshow which took its anti-bullying message to schools nationwide.


In 2004, the Trust helped establish eTime – an education consultancy and technology rich educational centre in the heart of Christchurch. eTime provides ICT programmes for primary and intermediate school students and professional development for teachers , with state of the art ICT technology and a learning environment designed to motivate and enhance learning for young people.


The Trust has also supported additional innovative learning initiatives that help kids say no to bullying and drugs, as well as initiatives that promote smart use of ICT.  In 2011, the Trust supported an Alexandra Primary School initiative to use iPads to break down traditional barriers to learning for students with learning differences.


In September 2016, the Trust was proud to be the gold sponsor for the Find Your Billion workshop series, offering free one-day workshops for students aged 13-19. The workshops were designed to provide participants with an understanding of exponential technologies, an initiative backed by Singularity University – a global learning and innovation community spanning 119 countries and including entrepreneurs, corporations, governments, investors, and academic institutions driving positive change in health, environment, security, education, energy, food, prosperity, water, space, disaster resilience, shelter, and governance.